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The Big Race: Tortoise vs Hare

Do you remember this fable from your childhood?

As you may recall, the hare was boasting of his ability to run faster than anyone else.

And the tortoise was often teased for how slow he moved.

The tortoise quipped back to the hare’s boasts one day saying that even the hare could be beaten.

The hare scoffed and challenged the tortoise to try.

We often approach our weight loss goals in much the same way.

We change EVERYTHING about how we eat. Spend hours a day working out. And let’s face it, this is not sustainable.

We get off track, life catches up with us and what happens? We give up!

So what was the moral application of the tortoise and the hare? There really is much debate.

However, in the point I am attempting to make, it is CONSISTENCY.

While it seemed the tortoise was moving at a snail’s pace, the key was that he was moving at a consistent pace!

And that’s what we must remember when we feel like we aren’t seeing results in our weight loss. We get so wrapped up in our impatience, and believe me, it can be difficult to overcome. BUT it CAN be done!!  If we truly desire total success in our health and fitness, then we are committing to a new lifestyle.

And making small changes all along the way will have long-lasting results!

And you know what’s really cool?

As you shed layers of fat, you might just start shedding layers of self-doubt and begin to rediscover the person who has been hiding inside for so long!

But if you’re so busy just doing, only focusing on the end result, you might miss this important part of your transformation!

{Remember: Doing things will not lead to success; doing the RIGHT things will. Here’s yesterday’s post in case you missed it!}

And THAT would be a tragedy!

So keep setting those small, attainable goals for yourself, BE CONSISTENT, and before you know it you will be celebrating your victory and discover a new YOU!!

And I’ll be right there celebrating with you!! :)

Much Love,

Coach Chelle

  1. I LOVED this story when I was growing up. I can remember my teacher reading it to our class frequently!

    I think you make a great point about setting goals and being consistent. I’ve been on the extreme plan where I’ve thrown myself into a new workout and meal plan that really isn’t realistic long-term. I never stick with anything that extreme. Good advice!

    • I’m glad you found it helpful!! This was also one of my favorite stories! :)

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